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5 Ways to conserve battery life on your iPhone, and get the most out of a single charge

A Dead iPhone Battery is the most annoying things that can destroy whole day by leaving you without anything watch or read during a long journey or having a conversation with your Best friend A drained battery sometimes leave you unable to call for a taxi or even leave you in a danger where you can’t do anything. Here in this article, you will get an idea about several ways to save your iPhone Battery.

Check which app using most of the Battery – it is very important to check which app drains the most power by going to your iPhone settings. The percentage of each app will help you to analyze which app is using more battery iPhone repair.

Turn Down your screen Brightness – You need to be at full brightness. Go to the control center and lower your screen brightness to the lowest point it doesn’t matter what type of activity you are doing on your Phone. Turn off Wi-Fi or cell services as appropriate – If you are not in the mood of using any social media application or internal explorer it would be best for you to turn off your wifi so it won’t constantly search for signals.

Turning on airplane mode can also save even more power. Turn off location service for apps – Go into setting and find out the privacy tab. Tap hit on the location services and customize apps location that is based on tracking. Set your limit to never entirely the more you apply to limit the less power will be drained while using your iPhone.

Use low power mode to save more power by limiting the background activity and your mail fetching. After following all these if you can’t get the solution to talk to an iPhone repair technician about replacing your Battery.

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